Excellent Volunteers

Russ McClellan_web

Two Illinois State Museum volunteers were honored at the Illinois State Fair today for their service. Russell McClellan and Steve Kapple have made contributions that simply cannot be measured (read more below). Thank you! McClellan was able to attend the ceremony and is congratulated by the ISM’s Dee Ann Watt (above).

Russell McClellan, Springfield
Russ McClellan is a repeat winner of the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award, and for good reason. His work at the ISM Research and Collections Center in Springfield included entering more than 16,000 records into the Anthropology database and connecting photographic images from archaeological excavations and surveys conducted in the 1920s and 1930s. During the last four years, Russ entered information from the Anthropology Section’s catalog file, resulting in a searchable database of more than 20,000 records. Museum curators say the value of Russ McClellan’s volunteer work, which allows researchers access to records with a touch of a keyboard, cannot be overstated. Russ has also volunteered in the Museum’s Zoology section, helping inventory mammal collections to improve accessibility.

Steve Kapple, Rochester
Since 2007, Steve Kapple has served as a volunteer at the ISM Research and Collections Center in Springfield as a part of the group affectionately known as the “A-Team” for their work in the Anthropology Section. Steve has worked on organizing unsorted collections, labelling artifacts, assisting curators in research, processing samples, upgrading storage, cleaning items arriving from archaeological sites, and rehabilitating older collections. A nominator wrote: “Steve has not only improved every project, but has enabled the curation staff to accomplish tasks that would be impossible without his help and knowledge.”


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