A gift

A gift of over 100 contemporary artworks has recently been given to the Illinois State Museum by Chicago collector and arts advocate Chuck Thurow. This is a significant addition to our permanent collection of outstanding work by Illinois related artists, and is one of the largest, single donations of artworks in the Museum’s 139 year history. Of the 56 artists represented; 34 are new to our museum collection. The gift includes artworks by Dawoud Bey, Phyllis Bramson, Margaret Burroughs, Theaster Gates, Neil Goodman, Jackie Kazarian, Gladys Nilsson, Paul Sierra, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, and Karl Wirsum.



Mr. Thurow was the Executive Director of the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago from 1998 to 2010, during which he fostered direct engagement between artists and supporters through innovative exhibitions and commissioned projects. Mr. Thurow’s collection reflects that passion for a lively relationship between art and life. The Illinois State Museum is grateful to Chuck Thurow for his generous gift and support of our Museum’s mission.


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